HEYPACK NEW PRODUCT-bag on valve continuous spray bottle

Multiple spray system and related products is the duality valve product model which we are ceremoniously pushing to  global market in 2017. It is a new, upgraded and iterative product, And It greatly broaden the application of previous micro valve spray products, especially in the field of cosmetics. Because of the limit of technology and craft, spray containers long-term share with the insecticide, air freshener, metal aluminum cans and so on a series of one valve products. Multiple spray system of new products completely subvert the low-end image of one valve products with high pressure, combustible and explosive petrochemical gas. In this multiple spray system, the air and formula is completely separated by composite aluminum bags, so it offers the strictly protection of the formula. It is an ideal container for high activity, high value and natural raw material formula. It also can be used in the oral medicine, nasal delivery, eyes ointment and other pharmaceutical products. In using, gently pressing the spray head one time, the air in the bottle body will supply stable and uniform pressure to the composite aluminum bags, then the fomula will be atomized and sprayed out continuously and stably. It is an sense of perfect.

Multiple spray system containers is with a novel, safe and environmental appearance. And it is convenient for using with moderate size. Made of plastic matieral and without flammable and explosive gas, it can go through the variety of security check quickly and safey. It is the latest popular packing container for spray products in the world. It brings new experience to consumers and highlights the unique creative value of your brand!

Post time: Aug-18-2020

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