Cosmetic Concept II

More stringent: dynamic management of prohibited words

In addition to precise strikes on “conceptual additions,” there are many very strict management measures in the measures.

First, standardize the label management of imported cosmetics. The State Food and Drug Administration mentioned in the drafting instructions of the Measures that my country’s current form of Chinese labeling has many shortcomings: First, the original packaging label content of some imported products is inconsistent with my country’s current laws and regulations, which in fact affects domestic products. The second is that the attached Chinese label is easy to fall off, and it is also convenient for some illegal enterprises to modify the label content without authorization by repeating the label. Therefore, the Measures set a principled requirement on the labeling of imported cosmetics, stipulating that if a Chinese label is added, the content of the relevant product safety and efficacy claims should correspond to the relevant content of the original label.

Second, intensify the crackdown on illegal claims. It is forbidden to mark or declare that “using trademarks, font sizes, color differences, homophonic sounds, or suggestive words, graphics, and symbols to mislead consumers; express or imply through product properties, appearance, etc., misleading consumers to easily compare cosmetics with food and drugs Confusing; using patterns, homophonic sounds, font color size and other forms to imply the medical effect of the product or the efficacy that the product does not have; using logos, rewards, etc. that are not recognized by the drug regulatory department or certification and accreditation department of the State Council for cosmetic safety and efficacy related A total of 11 items including “declarations and terms”.

In addition, the Measures strictly and specifically verify and deal with cosmetics labels that use “joint research and development”, “producer”, and “supervisor” as the guiding language to indicate the name of other companies or institutions.

It is worth noting that the Measures also propose to implement dynamic management of banned words declared by cosmetics, and the State Council’s drug regulatory department will make real-time adjustments to banned words declared on cosmetics labels based on the actual cosmetics supervision work.

At the same time, the State Food and Drug Administration mentioned in the drafting instructions that the next step is to sort out the common illegal and illegal claims found in the previous administrative licensing and market supervision, combined with the original National Bureau’s “Cosmetics Nomenclature and Nomenclature”. According to the “Guide” and other regulations, the banned corpus of cosmetics shall be established synchronously, and dynamic supplementary management shall be implemented on it, effectively avoiding the phenomenon that the newly emerging banned words cannot be timely and effectively supervised due to the long period of regulatory revision.

More flexible: allows electronic tags, can use innovative language

On the basis of strict management, the Measures also make innovative adjustments to existing regulations.

It is reported that the measures have integrated and summarized the content that should be marked on cosmetics labels. Products that fail to pass the quality inspection of domestic cosmetics shall not be allowed to leave the factory in accordance with regulations. It is of little practical significance to compulsorily add the words “qualified” on the packaging that has been delivered and put on the market. On the contrary, it increases the difficulty of labeling cosmetic packaging with a relatively small area. Therefore, the current “Administrative Regulations on Cosmetic Labeling” (AQSIQ No. 100) stipulated in the current “Administrative Regulations on Cosmetics Labeling” (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Order No. 100) stipulated that the “product quality inspection certificate” and “cosmetic labeling should be marked are increased Marking the two contents of “Production License Mark”.

In order to meet the needs of specific markets and the restrictions on the content of the contents, the size of the small-size cosmetics package cannot meet the label content of all labels. Therefore, the method has clearly refined the labeling content of the small-size package and accepts other information that should be labeled. Explain in the manual or electronic label.

Specifically, if an electronic label is used for labeling, the word “electronic label” should be marked below it to distinguish it, and it can be identified by scanning codes through conventional devices such as smart phones. The introduction of electronic labels solves the problem of difficulty in labeling small-size packages and encourages enterprises to continue to innovate.

In addition, the State Food and Drug Administration mentioned in the drafting instructions that, from the perspective of industrial characteristics, cosmetics are not only the result of scientific research and development, but also have the characteristics of fashion and fashion. While preventing misleading consumption through exaggerated false claims, cosmetics should be allowed to make claims consistent with the fashionable and romantic characteristics of the product.

Therefore, the method clarifies that innovative terms that have not been widely used in the industry can be used in cosmetics labels to avoid excessive governance and inhibit industrial innovation. But at the same time, in order for consumers to have a clearer understanding of the actual meaning of “innovative terms”, the method requires that the specific meaning of the innovative terms be explained in adjacent locations.

To sum up, the method is more stringent on the basis of the original existing regulations, but it also reflects the characteristics of cosmetics supervision following the progress of the times and being more flexible. But obviously, the behavior of exploiting loopholes like the conceptual addition will undoubtedly come to an end with the gradual improvement of regulations.

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